• It’s Couture: Dedicated strictly to posting couture, this blog has the best editorials and runway photos of the best haute couture around. 
  • I dream of a world of Couture: Another great blog dedicated 100% to couture. 
  • The Couture Atelier: This blog is focused on posting wonderful editorials that feature haute couture.
  • Fat Karl: From portraits of the Kaiser to Chanel ad campaigns, Fat Karl caters to all the Karl Lagerfeld lovers out there.
  • Oscar PR Girl: Run by Oscar De La Renta’s PR woman, this blog showcases everything De La Renta. She also posts her own photos of Oscar De La Renta’s designs and sometimes candid portraits of him.
  • The Front Row: This tumblr is a versatile fashion blog that posts ready-to-wear, couture, editorials, ad campaigns, you name it they have it!
  • Fashion Gifs: The name sort of explains itself. If it’s a gif and it has to do with fashion, chances are high that it’s on this blog.
  • Pokemon & Fashion: Each image on this tumblr is a witty tribute to the world of Pokemon and the fashion industry. 
  • Closet Collage: Full of great fashion inspiration and fun to look at, this blog posts scans of handmade collages made by the owner.
  • Fashion OCD: From runway looks to street style, if it has anything to do with fashion then you will see it on this blog.

Make sure to check out all of these amazing fashion blogs!

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